Bargain China Audiophile Grade Headphone

Hey guys! I hope Z sees this and try this brand I found named OneOdio, Ive asked their best model and they gave me the OneOdio Studio Wireless M Y80B, prior to that I owned the A70 Fusion which sounds a lot like AT M40x, apparently their model A50 mimics the AT M50x, some are claiming they’re the Technica killers!

And when I used their best model yet, it sounded similar quality to Mid-fi level Headphones, bargain!
Specs are pretty standard but it has Bluetooth 5.0 as well and comes with a boom mic attachment:
50mm Neodymium Magnet driver
32 Ohm impedance
Sensitivity of 110 +/- 3dB
Charging time is 3 hours with playing time of 30+ hours, Standby time is said to be 500 hours? (I’m currently running it, just passed 24 hour mark)
Also comes with 1x packing bag, manual, micro USB charging cable.
Dual 3.5mm Y Extension Cable
24 months extended warranty

I’m from Malaysia, it only cost me MYR 129! (USD: 30.18 when I checked google)

Not hard to beat the m50x but I may check them out if they cost $30

Yeah, but then you run into the shipping times/reliablity from China… I’ve got one that started tracking on May 4th and dropped off the face of the planet on May 9th, but another that left May 26, but has already cleared customs here in the US.

here where I live for larger Items I generally have no issues getting thigs from china for the smaller easier to lose crap thought hats when I have an issue.

The one that is taking forever is a freaking keyboard. The one that has already made it is a subscription box I said fuck it and tried.

damn that sucks. all my shipping issues right now personally are form japan I got liek 2 figures kinda stuck in limbo cause I refuse to play an extra $7 each to do a more expensive shipping option that isnt blocked

What do you consider “mid-fi?”

Most people consider entry level massdrop and beyers to be mid fi up to something like a sundara but sub $200 is a very muddy space of maybe considered mid fi or not

yup was gonna say that as well. but yet I’m still using it’s wireless BT this isn’t entry level IMO although there are places where they can improve easily. If it’s expensive on amazon I’d be more than happy to buy it for u and facilitate delivery, we can setup a secure channel so no fishy bs

I’m heading to content creation and was tasked by my audio guru to master gaming audio, but anyone here uses those gaming headsets? :joy: the only one i find good is Sennheiser

din we discuss on entry to hifi already before, im just using another account here

hmm idk if sending it to me then to send it to u would help much tho :confused: but if it helps price wise I’ll be willing to help

Wanna send me a link of where to get them I’ll check it out

It’s just DSP-corrected bluetooth…

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yeah now that you mention it Ikinda hesitate to thinka 50 dollar bluetiith headphone would be any decent

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i understand your concerns

maybe better to directly deal with them, so far they’re really friendly

WOAH the price difference from their official website :astonished:

the market is different here in Malaysia, you can find 2 dollar headphones with kitty ears LED

For a bargain audiophile Asian headphone nothing beats the Helios:


@Antpage2 Why does it display as $99 but then when you go to the website it says $179?

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$99 was for the 10 pairs of pads I believe

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Ah okay. Thanks. I guess links must just show the lowest price possible then.