Baroque music enthusiast

Trying see if some other people on here are listening to Baroque music and exchange recommendations.

I mainly listen to Vivaldi, Bach, Haydn, Buxtehude, Purcell, Pachelbel. I like organ and violin mostly, but recently I have really enjoyed music for harpsichord and cellos.

What else should I listen to?

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Bach is the undisputed King of Baroque.

Here are a few works for harpsichord:

I’m sure you’ve heard this for organ…

But see what Walt Disney did with it here (it’s the first song, and it ain’t hifi, but it’s still magic):

He has been one of the pioneers of the opera, early baroque

Ha, i just discovered the Goldberg variations recently. I was listening to the Ton Koopman version.

I also just find out about the “Buxheimer Orgelbuch” which has 256 anonymous compositions for organ.

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Thanks for sharing @lafonte. I never listened to Monteverdi

François Couperin, Domenico Scarlatti, Tomaso Albinoni, Georg Philipp Telemann, Arcangelo Corelli and George Frideric Handel are names that spring to mind.

For harpsichord I lean toward Pierre Hantai and Katherine Roberts Perl, since both are excellent performers plus, importantly, both play on minimally piercing instruments, grin.

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