Bass-headphone vs Sundara + ifi True bass

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So since I sold my DT 990 I kinda miss having one can with serous base for electronic music. Lots people are really digging the Ifi Zen Dac with the bassbosst on into another amp.
Currently I run Flac - E30 - Asgard 3 - Sundara (With little EQ).

I am wondering weither I should go for other headphones for ~150 (looking at maybe DT 990/600 Ohm as I now have upgraded my amp) or just get the Zen Dac to replace the E30 and add the bass function to the Sundara since this is in general a very nice headphone. I do care not only for quantity but also quality tho.

Whats your opinion on that and what do people think, that have heard this chain?
I’ve heard the Zen Dac and the E30 are kinda on the same level as a DAC, right? Is the Zen Dac + A3 in general to warm? I do like a nice resolution on the trebble.

I think as a source the Zen Dac is a bit too warm and smoothed-over for my taste, compared to AKM or ESS-based dacs. The fact is you can adjust the FR either digitally or in the signal chain, but there’s no way to restore detail when it’s cut out by the dac. I’d consider looking at either a Loki or one of the cheap tube preamps with bass/treble knobs.

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I found that the FIIO E10K bass boost was much better for my Sundara than the IFI equivalent

I’ve never heard the Zen Dac, some say it’s a little warm some say it’s a lot. I forgott about the preamps tho, good idea.

So you think adding a base boost is a good idea in genereal?

if you find the Sundara’s a little lacking in bass they do respond well to bass boosts (lots of people say they eq really well also if its something you want to try)

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Yeah thats true! I wonder if it makes a diffrence weither you use digital EQ or some analog button/knob. In theory it should not, right?

I’ve heard some headphones respond better to analog than digital but I have yet to hear about a planar that doesn’t eq well. Personally I prefer analog as I have yet to find a eq software that isn’t garbage and/or inconvenient

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I use a pair of LCD-2closed with a ifi xcan that has bass boost. Its killer. I don’t know the measurements of the sundaras but with my planars there is plenty of sub bass extension which the ifi boost really enhances. The bass and sub bass seriously kick and rumble with electronic music. Love it!

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