"Basshead" Discord Server + HQ Bass Music Dump

If you’re a basshead and want to talk to your people, or simply find high quality bass tracks, hit up the DBD Discord @ Deep Bass Druggies | Discord Server List (top.gg) (this is not a valid link, however if you comment below I will reply with a fresh invite code for you)

I need to speak with you, please add me on discord taylor#2369 thanks rob

sure can do

count me in!

https://discord.gg/DVYkhEbM This should work!

Hey Rob - if you’re still open to sending invites, i’d love one!

Deep Bass Druggies (discordservers.com)

Tell me if this works or not, invite people to discord servers is a pain in the fucking ASS but I don’t mind lol

Edit -

The link took me to the Server page - I was able to join from there! Thank you very much.

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no problemo :>

invite please

This should work: Deep Bass Druggies (discordservers.com)