Beatles in Mono

I decided to listen to some Beatles tonight on Amazon. Well all the vocals are on the right side of my headphones. sounds terrible. I heard they remixed these but i guess they didnt bother to fix this. This was done cause in the old days it sounded better on AM radio. Is there a remix of these recordings that sound better? is there something i can do with my gear to remove the stereo?

Ok, checked the Beatles catalog and its only on the “Please Please me” album and the “With the Beatles” album. and some tracks on “Past Masters Vol1” For some reason the vocals on the right speaker is also on the Rubber Soul album. So i’ll just buy these albums and remix those to mono on Audacity i guess. Kinda funny i thought these would have been remixed by now. Theres a “Beatles in Mono” box set but apparently these are original mono mixes done in the 60’s and they dont sound very good. and its only a problem on a few albums.