Bedroom TV speakers for music and movies

Debating between swan m3as, m3amklls, and the klipsch fives. My bedroom is 16x16 currently I have and samsung 650 soundbar and woofer. I like the klipsch have the hdmi arc and bluetooth 5.0. But there haven’t been to many reviews. I didnt know if the swans would be overkill in this size room. Also the reviews on amazon said there were issues and no customer support but there were just 4 reviews. I also considered the sixes. Which are priced pretty good right now.

Id go AVR and passives.

Don’t have the room its on a dresser just looking to keep it simple small I have a 7.1 setup in my front room and another avr and stereo setup in my pool room.

still would justify atmos especially in my bedroom, stick fives in a guest room.

Thinking of upgrading the soundbar to samsung q80r atmos about the same price as the fives maybe cheaper opem box

aint got nothing lol, only thing active i got are subs. If you twist my arm ill say the fives, you will be able to use the TV remote to control volume. got some RP600ms they sound good.

Dunno what’s your budget but have you thought about KEF LSX or LS50W?

Ended up ordering the fives gonna pair them with a klipsch sw12 that was on sale. I had a hard time picking between the black or wood finish lol

Better then a soundbar👍