Beginner buying Advice

Hello there people, I’ve been getting into audiophile headphones over quarantine but now I’m planning on getting some speakers.
I’m thinking about getting some floorstanding speakers with a receiver as I am planning to use them mostly for music although also for some movies and TV in general. With headphones at least I prefer a very slight V-Shaped signature, although I can definitely live with something flat.

My budget (Speakers only) is around 250$, although I’m planning on buying used speakers as that probably gives me better speakers at this pricepoint.

So far I’ve seen the B&W DM305, although I’m not sure about how good they are as they are rather old, and the KEF Q5. Any recommendations for used or, if it’s better, new floorspeakers under 250?

Jamo 805 $250.00 amazon.

Unfortunately they are a bit out of my budget as they’re ≈350$ in Germany. Thanks for the recommendation though, do you know of any other speakers that you’d recommend in ny price range?

Thats a tough one to come in at $250 for a pair of floorstanders. Maybe look at the used market. Sony sscs3 for 1 $158.00 limited price.

Klipsch R-610 $239.00. Come to think of it i should have got these instead of the R51m :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

These are not towers but neumi Cs5 $69.00 for one MTM. Havent heard them yet but will post if they are good as their bookslves just order 1 myself.