Beginner Full Stereo amp advice

I would plan a Full Stereo system in my Media Room.
Headphones are good but sometimes would change.

It must not really Expensiv but good enough.Good sounding for sure.
I have see the not bad denon pma 520ae Amp or the Yamaha S501 and the Denon Pma 800NE

Speakers was focused the Elac debut 6.2 who i find not bad.
My Dac is a Singxer Sda 2 C.And would go to connect via Rca.
Or when possible a full Stereo amp with Balance input where nice to.
The Singxer Sda 2 c have a Balacend output.

Some advice for the three amps or another amp from you where be nicely.

EDIT: I have take a look for Speakers.Would put them on the Wall when is possible.
Not easy, here the List:
Elac debut B6.2
Dali Alteco 1
Dali Oberon 1

Have listen today the Yamaha S501 with one from the Elac F6 series,was not really spectacular in my ears.

What’s your budget? Do you have a preamp?

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Budget is round about 800-900€.
Preamp is my Dac Singxer Sda 2.
The Seller have contact me and mean the Denon Pma800 Ne are not bad and propuse the Speakers Quadral Phase 180 in his optinion.

The Output Frequenzsies from Quadral are 40-38.000 Hz the Debut 40-35.000 hz i think ist not bad thing.

First - do not buy a speaker based on specs - ever. Speaker specs mean exactly zero. I build speakers and can take the measurements of a speaker I make and make them look like whatever I want without lying. It’s incredibly easy to do. Listen to a speaker before you buy it. Once you choose your speakers, then you choose an amp.


yes sounds logical.
I don’t have much of a clue about speaker construction, but I could certainly do it if I read in.
I like to listen to speakers and judge whether it fits what I feel.
certainly not the ideal choice because of the whole spatial theme, which is also crucial.
However, I do not know how to choose a speaker that I like.
The room is 2.5 meters wide, 4 meters long, 2.5 meters high.
What do you take as loudspeaker dimension? 2 or 3 way speakers?

A 2 way speaker (like boockshelf) will usually have better imaging. This is due to the smaller cabinet resulting in less diffraction. A 3 way will usually give you lower bass due to having a dedicated (and usually larger) bass driver. To find what you like you need to get speakers in your room and listen to them. It’s the only way.