Beginner help with looking for a budget dac/amp

Im looking to get a bang for buck dac and amp setup and what ive been able to find is the schitt brand. Can anybody recommnd any other brands?

The fiio k5 pro is pretty dang nice imo

SMSL has a decent dac in the SU-8, that could be worth looking at, especially because it is also at a good price.
Drop has both amps and dacs. And you can get a creat combo in the Monoprice by Monolith THX dac/amp.

IMO a great bang for buck setup is the topping d10+ jds labs atom amp, pretty sweet setup

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What does budget mean? If just around $200, and separates are preferred, there’s the JDS Labs Atom, or Schiit Heresy, or Schiit Magni3+ for amps along with a Topping D10 DAC.

Edit — Mon is faster and has more alternatives than I. Ignore this post. Should have kept it to 10 characters. I’ll get a drink, now.

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budget would be under 400

I mean for under 400 you can get a topping d10+ atom which would be great for the price, you can also upgrade in in the future too. You could also get a warmer amp like the monolith liquid spark if you wanted something more different or colored


I might think about the Geshelli Archel 2 Pro or Archel 2.5 Pro (amps) and Enog2 Pro DAC.

Or stick with the Atom amp and get a Topping D50s DAC, as options.

Edit — and MON has praised the Schiit Asgard 3 amp, which you can get with a DAC card installed for $300 or $400 all in, depending on DAC option. I would like to hear these, myself, at least. I just don’t like the poop jokes on my fascia.

I said fascia.

I mean those are great, but that’s not really a beginner dac amp imo, I think it’s a bit overkill

What headphones are you going to be using the dac amp with?

Probably true. I was just going by budget and what I would want to spend that much on. D50s DAC has more options than the D10, so perhaps convenience, there. Though I bet I couldn’t tell the difference in sound, blindfolded.

You can tell the difference for sure, but it is a smaller difference and for a beginner setup I don’t really think that’s really all that worthwhile for the price

Well, still within his budget… I suppose worthwhile features are an individual thing though. I don’t thing Bluetooth capability is “beyond beginners” for example. The D50s has that…

You’re right to ask what headphones for starters!

sennheiser hd58x are the headphones im thinking of getting unless i can get a good recommendation for under 200 with the sound signature i’m looking for is a warm sound signature something balanced but when something bass heavy comes on, their wont be lack of bass

True, but I would suggest putting more budget towards the headphones first

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The 58x would be a great choice then. I would say a topping d10 + a liquid spark amp would be just what you are looking for imo. If you want bluetooth you can step up to the d50s but if not I would stick with the d10 for now

You do have a fair amount of budget though, you could also perhaps pick up a he4xx and a 58x at the same time for some variety and if you wanted some great bass preformance

Well especially if the $400 budget includes for headphones… totally right.

somebody recomended to me that i could get the schitt loki eq to find the sound i like. Is that a good choice?

You could if you like to tinker, it can be a fun attachment

what would be a good closed back headphones at a 200 budget

What type of sound do you like?