Beginner to daps and audio stuff

new enthusiast here, currently bought an xduoo x2s and a kz zsn pro x, trying to figure out how to work them, i cant figure out how to transfer files onto my x2s, any suggestions?

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Hey, welcome!

It looks like the X2S takes an SD card up to 128GB. To get music on any of my DAPs, I shut it down, take out the card, and plug the card into my desktop computer’s card reader slot (using an adapter). Then I just use File Explorer to copy and paste folders and playlists. There’s probably a zillion ways to do this, but that’s my preference.


hi thank you, i was really excited to set up my first dap so i was looking for ways around using the sd card reader, (transfering directly from the computer via usb-c), but now ive gotten my hands on an adaptor so no fuss needed! thanks a lot! (my files are transferring over right now)

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