Being Time Travel Malkovich

You have a time machine that allows you to watch a past event. What live music would you watch? VU at The Factory? Woodstock? GG Allin?

I would see the Mars Volta in 2003 before sound manipulator Jeremy Ward died. I don’t think there’s any high quality live recording from that era. I found this earlier vid, you can see and hear him at the start.

Honorable mentions: The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka cassette tape experiments from the late 90’s, and any Can session with Malcom Mooney.

There are so many!

But, The Doors with Jim Morrison and AC/DC with Bon Scott are two that i would have loved to seen live.

Woodstock would be cool to attend, just because its such an historical event (and there quite a few good bands and artists there too!)