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  • XLR & RCA in, rca pass through, 1/4 inch and 3.5mm headphone out
  • 652 mw @ 62 ohms:
  • Coloration circuit

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A fellow headfier reviewed this product and a few others:

Another reviewer:

They have some interesting products and are based where I live in SLC. I’ve seen their products at a local Pro Audio store (Performance Audio) and they are primarily known for their value based phono and eq products. I guess recently they have decided to get into the headphone, amp, preamp space.

They have an interesting product called a “sonic audio exciter” which I assume is a scaled down EQ with basically a bass & treble boost function.


I’ve had a Bellari audio PP532 and EQ570 for a bit over 3 years each now. I have used them for many hundreds of hours in all sorts of configurations. They work especially well for their modest price. I do get a tiny bit of scratch when i use the volume knob on the PP532, sometimes it goes away completely other times it is there. Most often though I have the volume knob maxed out and simply use the unit as a simple switcher. It works great as a multi unit switch and has never given me any problems.
The EQ570 has performed flawlessly in all honesty. It can be turned off and bypassed and was my preference over the Shitt Loki because the low end is set at 60hz as opposed to Shitt’s 20hz which works better for me with all sorts of Rap, pop, techno, club EDM genre’s .
Shipping and receiving of both units was fast and easy, and they were offered on Amazon which made purchasing a single button press affair.

@M0N what do you think of this amp?