Best 11.11 deals of 2021?

What are best deals on IEMs this year? TBH, the offers doesn’t look better than I have seen from last year.

Best deals are discounts on items you were already going to buy anyway.

Moondrop Aria gets a pretty good discount for example.

But no crazy deals or 1/2 off kind of deals obviously.


try to use coupons with aliexpress, some cashback platform, and talk to the vendor trying to get a discount

i just bought a moondrop variations for 335$ doing all that :upside_down_face:


For that price, it’s a steal and a must, I don’t even love that IEM.

Can you link shop?

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dont say you heard someone else get the discount, If u say that, they wont give

the store is magicsaudio and lucklz, there is other ones, honestly just spam all of them and get the best price they give u

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Oh, I’m not buying it since I’m kinda broke at the moment, but others might find that usefull around here.

I had one and sold it, but for that price, it’s really a steal (if you can avoid VAT in EU). Good find :wink:

Thanks :pray:

Hifigo is fricking DRUNK :joy:

Luckily it’s just the catalog page and when you click into the listing page it’s normal:

That said, having unprofessional website management during the largest annual sale… I’d say they GOOFed big time. If £36.14 for Nanna were the true sales price, it would definitely be the single best deals of all 11.11 across all sites.

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It’s a bait like on AliE… It says from 36.14 which usually is something like cable or similar


This video that Ohmboy shared talks about all the sketchy stuff Hifigo does to their prices, not only website errors… Like there are stuff listed as on discount but Hifigo’s official shop on Amazon is selling them $100+ LESS than the discounted prices on their site.

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Oh lol… Well that’s not good practice :grimacing: So far I had good experience with them

Actually correct. I have been eyeing on the Moondrop Variations, it’s on $100 discount right now. Just not sure that getting instead of Oracle would be a good idea.

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You can also use coupon codes for additional discount:

RikudouGoku5 is the $5 code when order >$50
RikudouGoku10 is $10 code when order >200
RikudouGoku15 is $15 code when order > 450
RikudouGoku20 $20 code when order > 600
RikudouGoku30 $30 code when order >1000


Have you read this?

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Thanks a lot!

Looks like they have corrected it. I checked the link on the screenshot though. It was for a cable.

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Cheap way to get 5 pairs of Final E eartips (SS/S/M/L/LL)


Everyone should have it!!

nothing on their amazon is on sale?