Best 3.5mm to 6.35mm (1/4 Inch) Adapter?

To be clear, I’m referring to this adapter, they’re hard to find due to the conflicting name of a regular quarter inch adapter that is more common.
The Grado adapter looked to be a good option however they’re no longer on Amazon.
This Monoprice one (above) seemed like a nice option however the reviews state otherwise…

The grado adapters are excellent and you might be able to find some on eBay perhaps

It’s crazy that a pack of quarter inch adapters can be had for a few bucks but the other way around is around $20 for just one :frowning:

Yeah that’s the price. It’s an excellent adapter that will last a while though

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It would probably be cheaper to go 3.5mm to cinch & cinch to 6.3mm, or use a 3.5mm to 6.3mm cable and a gender changer.

Note: Even 3.5mm to XLR exists, and is cheaper. It also remains cheaper when you go XLR to 6.3mm. What is this madness?

The Cardas one is the best I’ve found.

That one is good too, it’s pretty solid. I prefer the grado adapter but that’s a nice one too

I have a Sennheiser one, and it seems to be fairly high quality:

That looks pretty much identical to the grado adapter, I can’t believe I never noticed how similar they are being that I have a senn adapter from my 600 and the grado adapter

The Audeze one is identical to the Grado one


I don’t remember getting an adapter with my audezes, but yeah that one is literally the same

Is it more or just a preference thing to use solid plugs or one that has had little cable between plugs?
All of the plugs that i have are solid ones, all came with headphones. Couple of screw on adapters and cant remember… probably never broken even one?

It depends on the direction. If you’re going from a 3.5mm plug to a 1/4 inch socket, then the one-piece adapters are absolutely fine. On the other hand, if you’re going from a 1/4 inch plug to a 3.5mm socket, then with a one-piece adapter you have a giant piece of plastic that swings around and can break the 3.5mm socket.

I believe that Zeos talked about this in an amp review… I think it was the Monoprice portable THX amplifier, which only has a 3.5mm out.

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Mainly the reason I prefer the cable in-between is to remove strain on the connectors. If you get one where it is just direct female 1/4 to 3.5, you put a fair amount of weight on that 3.5 and I have had one where it just bent like crazy, so I don’t recommend those

Why is this one twice the price?
Also both listings mention that “The adapter is un-marked but made by Sennheiser,” however if there is the Grado adapter and the Audeze one this is definitely NOT made my anyone of these companies… lol

Well, mine came in a plastic bag with Sennheiser labels and all, but the adapter itself doesn’t have any Sennheiser markings/branding. Maybe that’s what they meant.

Grado doesn’t make the cables, there’s another company that manufactures them (maybe in China). And knowing how Chinese companies are, they are probably just selling the same adapter to Audeze. For those adapters to be that cheap you need to build a lot of them.

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Drop #brux an email about your requirements here…
Job done :+1: