Best ~500€ DAC as an upgrade over Sanskrit mk2?

I’m intersted in getting a new DAC but with so many options in the 500€ price range it’s hard to decide.
I think the best option are SMSL SU9, Soncoz SGD1, Gustard X16.

I currently have a SMSL Sanksrit 10th mk2 but since I want to upgrade my amp to a A30pro I need a DAC with 2 outputs for my speaker amp and headphone amp.
The Gustard seems to have the best measurements and an I2S input which is quite useful to me.
Might these DACs be a bit too overkill for my system (mainly DT1990 and Kef LS50), and could a cheaper balanced DAC like the soncoz la-qxd1 be good enough?

Please share your experience with these DACs and which one I should get.

I know that the Allo Revolution with the upgraded PSU is supposed to be a really good option in the range before getting to BF2/Ares II prices. For the Revolution itself, it is €260 from audiophonics here:

I know that it doesn’t have two outputs, but you can use an RCA splitter or a switch to be able to output to multiple amps, I personally do this from my BF2 to A3/Eufonika H5 and it works really well.

I need at least 2 digital inputs and preferably I2S input to use it with my PC and Raspberry Pi streamer

Ah, I must’ve misread that part, you might be able to find a second hand Soekris 1321 (or wait for the new 1221) or Project Dac Box RS in your budget which are supposed to both be very nice dacs.

If you are open to used BF2 come up around that price from time to time. Keep in mind I havent heard any of these, so this is flat out parroting, but I personaly see a ton of hype around the sgd1 as extremely good sq for the price and it can do dual input overlay such that you can have a stream yo the dac for exclusive mode and still be able to get voice chats and the like from the pc at the same time due to their proprietary driver wizardry (only other dac i know of that does this is the adi-2. I think its a holder over from the pro side of gear)

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