Best active bookshelf speakers within $200 range

Hi everyone, just wondering what is the best active bookshelf speakers in the $200 range.

Would be using these speakers in the lounge for entertainment like music listening, watching movies and playing console.

I recommend the Edifier 1700bts.


Thanks that was on top of my list at the moment. I’m also looking at some passive speakers to pair with a cheap class d amp. Not sure what’s a better way to go

I also own the Edifier 1700bts but for me it was just for music in the bedroom. They are great speakers and for the money I think you’d be very happy with them. I’d suggest only using the bluetooth for music (I use them this way) as I find BT introduces lipsync issues watching TV.

With 2 line-ins it would be easy to connect a TV and a console this way.


For a desk easily iloud micro but for a room it gets harder at that price, I’d try some edifiers and maybe add whatever cheap sub you can get in the future.
Also not active but people swear by the rb42, you can probably score the combo with an smsl amp dac or whatever for around that much if you’re in the US…

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I like the versatility that brings and with Black Friday coming up it may be a no brainier.

Thanks! Seems edifier is doing well then. Unfortunately in South Africa and so everything that would be in my price range if I were in USA is outside of it here.

Would really love to try out passive speakers like the Sony ss-cs5 with a fosi audio b20a but even that breaches budget with import costs. Do have access to Polk t15’s though over here and also could see monitor audio monitor 50’s on Black Friday with the fosi but I’m just not really sure if the 50’s are good for this all round purpose

Yeh there’s no micca where I live either, that’s why I specified US, but I was actually thinking about those sony as an alternative, or there’s some popular cheap pioneers too, forgot the name sorry lol.

But yeah I’d probably go passive with whatever chinese amp at that budget, edifier is the one brand doing decent budget active stuff but if it’s overpriced where you live, might as well skip them…

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Oh yeah I think I know which pioneers you’re speaking of but also don’t remember the name lol.

Yeah I think that’s where I’m leaning, I’ll see in the next week or so what I decide but so far the convenient choice will be edifier. Thanks for the help