Best Amp DAC Combo Under $100?

So my computer at work is under my desk and the headphone jack is in kind of an inconvenient place as far as using headphones goes. I could just get like a cable extender or something, but I would prefer to upgrade the sound quality a bit while I’m at it, because the computer is pretty old so the onboard audio is nothing special. I don’t need a lot of power, because I’m just using Bose QC 35’s mostly, but I would prefer a nice clean signal. (The computer has no built in bluetooth either, if it did I would just use that).

So all that said, what’s a good budget friendly DAC/Amp combo that has a relatively clean sound?

The fiio k3 is a great budget option that would suit your needs pretty well imo. Not super powerful but if you don’t plan to get a headphone that would need more power, its great. If you would want a smaller version of that and could go portable, the fiio q1 mk2 would also be something to look into

If you bumped your budged by 50 usd, you could get the fiio k5 pro, that imo is an excellent value and can reasonably power mostly any headphone

If you needed Bluetooth, you can get a cheap Bluetooth usb adapter for like 15 bucks or less to give Bluetooth to the computer if you prefer


How would the fiio k5 probfair with powering passive speakers with Sensitivity of 87db?

The k5 pro cannot power speakers. If you wanted to power passive speakers, you would want to look into something like the smsl ad18 or perhaps also buy something like a topping pa3 to go along with the k5 pro.

Also would those speakers be on a desk or in a room?

Schiit Fulla is a good entry level option.