Best amp for focal elex

Looking for a great pairing for my Focal Elex, I really like tubes. Price sub 1k, multiple options would be nice. Honestly I have NO real idea where to start with it, I love the sound stage of the elex but I really am looking forward to the warmth of the sound with a tube amp.

Just my opinion, the Elex, doesn’t pair well with tube amps generally, you trade off too much of what makes it special with a tube.
Some people like the bloat in the bass that results.
You’ll want a tube amp with a relatively low output impedance, and those are somewhat difficult to find until prices start to get up there.
Now having said that, your best bet under $1K is the haggerman tuba, you’ll want to factor in another $40-$80 in tubes, the low impedance out is 5 Ohms, and it was least offensive lower priced tube amp I tried on the Elex.
If hybrids are an option there are a number of possibilities.

Hybrids are def an option. Hell, if it SOUNDS great in general I wouldn’t mind any kind of amp.

I like the monoprice liquid platinum with the Elex, but it’s more a clean sound than most expect from tubes.
Schiit has the Lyr and Mjolnir under 1K, I haven’t heard either.
There are SS amps with a bit more warmth in that range too.
I see Drop is listing the Violectric V280 again for a bit over 1K, which probably means you can pick up a used one for a bit less.
The RNHP is a perennial favorite here, but again I haven’t heard it.
Out of interest what DAC /Amp are you currently using?

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Not that it is needed but I will second the LP for the Elex… adds something to it for sure…

Suggested DAC pairing?

For me I use the Bifrost 2 paired with both the LP and Asgard 3. You will find many that will recommend it but it depends on your budget of course. I run the LP balanced and A3 with rca’s

If you do go with the Liquid Platinum, you will want to buy a balanced cable for the Elex, I got mine from Hart Cables.

I have buy the Singxer Sda 2 advance.
Otherwise the Questyle cma400i is a good amp.For a good warm sounding.
For more clean the Rme Adi 2 but not so musical as the Singxer and Questyle.

Maybe a good Dac from Topping the E30 for examlle and pairing with a Headphoneamp from Schiit Asgard 3,rupert neve,Rebel amp,Lake people.

I like the BF2, but assuming you have a DAC already I’d just go with it for a while and upgrade the DAC later. My preference is always to change one thing at a time so you have a better understanding what the component brings.
If you don’t have a DAC, pretty much any of the recommended $100 or so DAC’s will work well, the BF2 or Ares or Soekris are a step up, but you don’t need them.

I have been using the SMSL SU-8 into the LP to feed my Elex’s and I LOVE the combo.

Starting today, just for giggles, I am running my Schiit Loki through my LP and Violectric amps. The Sundara’s was a ton of fun so far and the Elex’s will be getting the treatment soon.