Best Anime Sound Tracks?

Id like to hear everyones favouite anime sound tracks, personally atm I have 3 favourites.

  1. Guilty Crown my favourite one out of the 3 and honeslty when I hear it I can just lean back and listen to it where ever I simply love it (Departures - Blessing) main one I like out of it.

  2. Land of the loustrous/Houseki no Kuni, This used to be my third until I listened to the rest of them. (Kyoumen no Nami and Hikari no Fuchi) But its got quite a few other good ones.

  3. Soul Eater, One of the old gems that simply sounds awesome, obviously Resonance and Papermoon but I love a few others too.

Honeslty imo all of these are amazing and deserve a listening to as they sound amazing even on my system which is highly dated. But Id love to hear ur favourites too :smiley:


My favorite by far is one summers day by Joe hisaishi


I’m curious to know if there are any orchestral / instrumental only anime OST’s w/o lyrics?

Outside of the opening and closing tracks the eureka 7 and eureka 7 ao tracks are purely instrumental if I recall
Also the series was created by music lovers

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Most of the songs have instrumentals only, Ik that is for Houseki no kuni and a few others they have the regular and then instrumental versions

Don’t know that there’s a single one that I like all the songs of, but there are a number that I do really enjoy. A song from each show will be placed as well
Somali and the Forest Spirit

Come Together! to the Seton Acadamy (end credits song in particular)

Samurai Champloo

(Pretty good instrumental cover)

Made in Abyss


Tokyo Ghoul

(Best English cover I’ve found so far)
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My current favorites are:
Code Geass’s Colors and World End, both by Flow. These have been a favorite of mine for a very long time.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei’s Opus-12. Recently found this gem while watching the movie.

The King’s Avatar’s The Star of Tomorrow Ver 1 & 2. Rarely do I get to hear something ‘pop-like’ that I enjoy and this does make my head bob quite a bit…

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by far my favorite anime soundtrack is samurai champloo. no other anime soundtrack even comes close to my love for that soundtrack.

just so fucking good.
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this one is just sop unapoligetically adorable
I love it when they take a cute character and make them sing sorta like this one

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Shiki no Uta is amazing! I remember binging it when I first heard it…

Not bad, but I do like Ookami Blues a bit better. Listening to it sounds more like a small child just having fun with the song. I actually kinda agree with one of the comments on the video for it saying it sounds like a third grader class singing project ~1:10 I can’t help but to imagine a little girl giggling while singing.
That one sounds like an obviously loli character who is actually older, but comes out more on the side of jpop.

Didn’t really notice it when listening to Death Note, but… excellent guitarist(s). Just listening to the first CD is a show.

And a ton of great “ambient” stuff.

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