Best balanced amp and dac 0r combo for LCD-x

I have a Topping A90, Denafrips Aries 2, and Audeze LCD-X latest edition. I am not happy with the sound.I am looking for more warmth than the A90 ,equal or better sound stage , better dynamic sound with the most resolution A class A or AB amp or amp dac combo offers In under 2K range. I have thought of using a Burson soloist 3x with the denafrips Aries2 or a burson conductor 3xp and the lcd-x. What would the changes be to the sound stage,warm of sound, and resolution ? Thanks for your help as I new to this hobby.

Yes, I can imagine that this pairing can seem very clinical.
The Burson doesn’t sound bad if you had the chance to try it out I would.
I would also consider the Singxer Sa1 which is supposed to work with the A90 indirectly and goes in the other direction.
Otherwise, I see a tendency towards hybrid amplifiers like the Liquid Platinum.
Maybe you should have a look at the headphone thread of the Lcd X to see what other amplifiers others have used for inspiration.
If no more suggestions come up.

HI, Thanks for the suggestions I will look into them. I do not have the ability to try audio equipment where I live and my health does not let me travel. I have looked at the headphone thread. I am hoping some of the headphone owners would give me there recommendations.

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