best budget interface to an hifiman headphones

hi, i have the hifiman he400se, which are 25 ohm and 91db. i had the u-phoria um2 interface but when it got closed to the max volume, i started to hear a distortion and it ruined my listening experience and now im looking for a new interface on budget that can give them a decent volume and of-course without distortion. which interface (on a budget if possible) can satisfy my needs? thanks.

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welcome to HFG!

where do you live, what’s your budget and what genre’s of music do you listen too the most?

thank you!
im listening to everything but usually hip hop and jazz. my budget is around 100 dollars.

then look at the iFi Zen Air DAC. :slight_smile:

i saw that the crosstalk is not very good which effect the stereo imaging, am i right? i just want great audio quality…

I have the original Zen DAC and have been using it for over 2 years…and last summer I added a Zen CAN. I love both and have zero complaints. I use my HE-400se on them all the time as well.

oh…I also bought my buddy the ZEN Air and 400se and he was gobsmacked. now he understands why I’d be laughing when he would go on about how awesome his Sony XM3’s were :wink:

yes I was also not enthusiastic about the Sony xm4… the he400se better than these (excpet of bass but with eq its also fine). anyway im looking for an interface and not dac (im planning buying a midi keyboard and recoding), so do you know about one that can combine with the he400se as well and give me the best sound quality? (and on a budget…)

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the Scarlet Solo?

i dont think so. while thwy have a good volume - they lack distortion, especially to low impedance headphones like the he400se.
if you know about other interfaces that even old or expensive but good, it also relevant for me, because i can search them in 2nd hand

Otherwise consider just adding an amp to the cinch outputs on the back of your um2. An all in one interface with good amp is hard to find. The motu stuff seems decent but is also a lot more expensive