Best closed-back cans for mixing purpose under 200 euro range?

Hello folks!
I am looking for a new pair of cans that are under the 200 euro range.
I am coming from the Audio technica m50x which i have used for years together with sonarworks to apply some corrections when mixing.
Now I would like to buy new headphones, which ones do you recommend and think are the best closed back for their price?
Thank you

For this price for mixing I really like the dt770 250 ohms


Any particular reason why?

I would suggest ath-pro5x if you can. If not the srh840 works as well. While they were primary designed to be monitoring headphones they have a flat frequency and more importantly is damped well such that issues are easyly sportable without the usual ear rape associated with beyer.

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thank you, I will look them up now!

AKG K371
Sennheiser HD280 Pro (New version).
You might be able to find Sony CD900ST’s in europe too (apparently used everywhere for monitoring already).

You can’t go wrong with these.
If you thought the M50Xs had too much treble, get the HD280 Pros.

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thats very helpful, am gonna check them out!

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thank you i will check them out!