Best CLOSED-Back Headphones Sub-200$ with Good Imaging, Good Sub-Bass, Nice Soundstage

I’ve been pretty casual in my experience in the audiophile world, but I have tried KOSS KSC75, Sennheisers PC37x, EPOS H6Pro, Sony XM4s, and TYGR300r.

My favorite sound signature is the Sony XM4s with the deep sub-bass even though I know it’s an earbud, and I’ve been missing that feeling with my current headphones, TYGR300r.

I am pretty competitive in the Apex scene and I still care about imaging, but I still love to enjoy music with the sub-bass emphasis that just really makes me feel the music. Are there any good headphones under 200 dollars that are pretty good in that sense?

For what it’s worth, even having moved on to better, I still occasionally use my old Audiotechnica ATH-40X. More to the point, whenever I pull them back out, I am repeatedly surprised by how capable and pleasant they are. While their natural frequency response doesn’t artificially elevate the low end, they do have plenty bass capability, and play very well with EQ if you want a bit more bottom end.

Also, as a side note for gaming, I always found their spacial performance to be rather a lot better than expected for the price as well. Tested vs Bose QC3, wasn’t even a contest, the ability to pinpoint hostiles on a map by ear was quite good in my M40’s, but just not there in the Bose. While my current Elegia’s sound a lot nicer for both music and cinema, and are a lot more comfy for long days of listening, they don’t do anything for gaming that my Audiotechnica cans didn’t.