Best Combo for Closed Headphones for gaming (300-400€) and DAC/AMP

Hi everyone ! I’m looking for closed headphones that i will mainly use for gaming (FPS played on PS4 and PC). My budget is auround 300€ to 400€. I don’t have a DAC but i want to buy one because I’ve understand that it is a must have to up my gaming experience and music also, but priority to gaming.

I need closed headphones that allow me to hear footstep with accuracy and a good spatialisation, that’s the goal of it. I don’t really know anything about headphones but i’ve watched a lot of reviews and understand that best gaming headphones are not gaming headphones. (Thank you Zeos)

After some research I plan to buy the HyperX Orbit S (Audeze Mobius) + Sound Blaster G6 (I need a DAC that work on PS4).

What do you think of this combo ? Closed Headphones (300-400€ and DAC/AMP 100-150€ )
Give me your best combo ! :slight_smile:

I have an other question : Are the 100mm magnetics planars are better than “traditionals” 50mm ?

Thank you, and sorry for spelling mistake i’m french :slight_smile:

So just wondering, do you need a mic on/for the headphones? If not, you can run the optical out of the ps4 and use any optical capable dac (with an external amp or combo unit)

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I will need a mic, so if I can add a mod mic and plug it into the dac it’s fine.

I think you might be wrong about the closed back being better for FPS. Open backs provide wider soundstage which should help you pinpoint the direction of footsteps.

Did you ever get the orbit s? I have been pretty disappointed with them.

No I didn’t, I bought the Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro that’s an other level and it was on sale for 400€ ! They are really good :wink:

Yeah I am considering the same actually. Well, the 177x go. The DT990s hurt my ears. Do the 1770s hurt you at all?

Im guessing probably not.

But 1770 pro are only stereo. And audeze mobius is also 7.1, 2.1 and more

lower volume and your ears will be fine :slight_smile: