Best Cost Baby I'm crying binaural recording

This is freaking amazing song and recording. I’ve been looking for it for years ever since jawbone took it down off you tube because it was a promotion for their binaural head.

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Can this be a “binaural recordings” thread? :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this one is binaural but still it’s impressive:

Annnd I didn’t even knew about this CD!

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Yes! I’m looking for more binaural recordings, it’s a shame they don’t record more music like this

These recordings sound incredible on surround sound up mixing.

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Yup, just got a second pair of Fluance SX6s, binaural recordings sound impressive with a 4.0 system. :slight_smile:

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This channel has a ton of binaural audio.
The mannequin we see in the video here is the recording “head” apparently. :stuck_out_tongue:

And obviously !!!

Chesky records artists playlist.

About: “Our philosophy is simple: to create the illusion of live musicians in a real three-dimensional space.”

Yes, it’s also Amber Rubarth’s label.

Just a guy doing silent reviews, but for acoustic guitars, he started doing it with two Neumann microphones. Nice.

…but I think the first two minutes are inverted left-right? Maybe?