Best DAC/AMP for DT 1770 Pro?

Looking to upgrade from my fiio k3 so i’m looking for recommendations. I currently use the dt 1770 pro and plan to get more cans in the that are closed back since that’s what I prefer, but I also plan to branch out into some open backs as well. I’m really want a dac/amp combo, I do not and don’t ever plan to use any monitors/speakers. My reasoning for wanting a combo rather than separate dac and amp is because I like to keep my desk clean and minimalist, but I’m almost to the point to say fuck it and just get a schiit stack to start off with since I know I’ll find a reason to upgrade at some point but I keep racking my mind trying to find a combo to pull the trigger on. My range is pretty large honestly, $100-$300 (more if the jump is worth it).

The schiit Asgard 3 sounds like a great pick, and if you wanted something portable but still somewhat desktop class, and xduoo xd05 plus sounds up your alley


Actually if you are also a sucker for design, the jds labs element II is pretty awesome in both sound and looks imo, but it is pushing your price range

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Damn that is clean. Very very tempting. Already looking at how much they go for used :joy:

There is an original og element going for a somewhat higher price here. I would offer this guy 220 as that would be a more fair price EDIT: it seems he doesn’t have make offer on so nvm

Also a element II used on headfi for a pretty good price

Typically market price for the og element is around 200 ish, and the element II is too new for a set price, but 325 is pretty attractive

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If I had to start from scratch on my home setup, I’d start with the ifi zen dac. I’m still considering it because balanced output from that DAC would be good to supplement my R-2R on the cheap.

It’s pretty great as a dac for the price, but the amp is somewhat lackluster, especially in single ended imo

Would it be good enough for the DT 1770 pro?

Yes and no, I would personally prefer the fiio k5 pro in that price range for the 1770. I would really only suggest the Zen dac if you have balanced capable headphones or just want to use it as a dac only


Greatly appreciate the input guys!

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