Best DAC / AMP for Triangle Borea br03?

Hello, I’ve just purchased a flat, and have no audio gear apart from my v-moda m100 and fiio e18.
I’ve seen some Borea’s br03 reviews and I can get them for 399€, the thing is, I cannot choose what DAC/amp should I get for them.

I’ve seen so far:

Onkyo A-9150
Cambridge Audio AXA35 + Topping D50s
Onkyo R-N855

I don’t know which of them suits best the Br03, can someone help me?
I wouldn’t want to spend more than 600 on the dac/amp section, because I also have to buy some foot stands for the boreas, and all I’ve found seem quite expensive for me.

Thank you

Hmmm, I think something like a denon pma600ne or IOTAVX SA3 would be my personal picks, should pair nicely and also not be too pricey

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Hello M0N, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Any notable difference between the two? i’ve seen the IOTAVX SA3 doesn’t have Bluetooth by default, that being an add-on(€),+ it doesn’t support LDAC, is kinda the same scenario as the pma600 that don’t have aptxhd.
So, Bluetooth apart, what should make me lean more to one, or the other? being the IOTAVX 130€ more expensive than the pma600ne.

Again, thank you :slight_smile:

The iotavx is going to be the slightly more analytical amp, the denon is going to lean more balanced warm

so, if i’m mostly going to listen to EDM, iotavx might be a better pair?

Hmm, it will be faster and more punchy, but also harsher and a tad bit more lean sounding. Honestly both are great lol, I think it comes down to preference

Might want something to bring up the highs for edm with the bro3’s… they’re pretty mellow up top… yamaha might be worth looking at… I’m sure theres other brands that could do that job too though

Or the treble knob on the pma600ne :no_mouth:

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Ended up getting an Onkyo A-9150 because it was 200€ off, bruh moment.

I hope it does work well with the Borea’s,

Thank you ppl c:


Nice, it’s a tried and true amp, should do the job well :+1:

i’m currently in the same situation. I’ve ordered me some BR03’s to replace my broken vintage Optonicas. I will see how they perform on my old Harman/Kardon set. And, regardless of the outcome, i’d probably want to get some decent amping. I’m actually leaning towards seperate components like a Behringer A800 or a Crown amp + a good preamp. But paying all of that at once might be not wise and i’m a beginner in seperate setups. If i get power amp like this - can i use my Chord Mojo as a temporary preamp replacement, would that work well?! If not - do you guys have recommendations regarding preamp+power amp (class D?) combos that might work well with the BROs?

i’m just adding, that i ended up with the IOTAVX SA3 + BR03-combo back then. And i highly approve it And it made an quite obvious difference to the old HK AVR. And i can highly recommend as a stellar “budget” solution.

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