Best DAC/AMP or tube for DT880 600ohm Competitive

I will get straight to the point, I want to upgrade and I’m already pretty sure it will be the DT880.
My only problem is, I dont have a clue about Dac /Amps or anything Sound related.
My Budget is 200Euros for a Amp Dac combo or only one, depends on what better is for that price range.
And I prefer something available on the German Amazon. Like iFi’s Zen Can , FiiO etc. .

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iFi Zen Dac + MT-602?
224 in total on
The Zen Dac functions fine as a dac and will help you drive more sensitive headphones/IEM’s in the future very cleanly.

The MT-602 will give you the power and tubiness the DT880 will love! My favorite piece of audio equipment I have so far!

Wanna stay sub 200?
Audioquest Dragonfly Black + MT-602 ?


I dont mind being above 200 as long as it stays below 270 :smiley:
Sounds like a good combo, I heard that tubes work well with the 880.
How would you describe the sound ?
Is it still a good competitive Headphone with the Tube and Dac or is it rather more Bass / warmth heavy?
And I assume it has the Power for the 600ohm version

The Zen Dac you’d have to ask around if it can push the 600ohm alone.

The MT-602? Absolutely. It’ll do a 900ohm if you throw one at it as well :stuck_out_tongue:
The MT-602 is warmer yes. Nothing extreme but definitely warmer. That’s just generally what you get with tubes.

I’m running them with Sylvannia 6AK5’s and those are like… Not warm but very bassy, very wide soundstage…

To your gaming question… I don’t know? What games?

So if i get it right, you mean the tube and Dac is used together and will be enough for the 600ohm ?! :smiley:
Apex , Csgo and so on , more bassy/warmth is often not so good for games in competitive, but I also like a little bit off bass as long as i still hear everything around me that I need in comp

So the ifi Zen Dac you can see as two components.
A Dac
And an AMP.

The DAC will do all your digital to analog conversions. The amp portion is what you use when you plug your headponies directly into the front. It’s clean, not very powerful and close to neutral. (ifi tends to be a tiny bit warm).

Now when you hook up the MT-602 to the Zen Dac via RCA you skip the amp part of the Zen Dac. You only use the DAC part and the MT-602 does the amping for you. It’s more powerful, has better soundstage, a little less detailed and a little warmer.

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great explanation, even I understood that perfectly :grinning:
what exactly does the better soundstage do ?
if it’s just a little less detail and warmer, it doesn’t sound to bad if I want to keep it for comp.

I did play CSGO and OW comp on it sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: But not since I got some even warmer and darker tubes

Soundstage is how wide something feels. My Sundara’s for instance can make something feel like it’s being played from a 6m/18ft wide stage for example. With the MT-602 on stock tubes it was more like 7 meters if you will. Not a huge difference, but noticable.

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Is there any alternative for the Tube, because I just saw that it’s not shippable too my location…
maybe even Zac Dac Zac Can combo or somethin like that

just to chime in on this, no… it will not drive 600 ohm headphones. Zen dac needs balanced headphones to push out some serious power and even then struggles on the 600 ohm beyers youd want a balanced beyer on the zen can for that in particular otherwise not enough power.

does it need to be audiophile sound quality? if your answer is no and primarily gaming. Grab a g6. If you want a bit more audiophile something like fiio k5 will push enough. Anything over 200 currency is better to grab a dedicated setup such as monoprice spark stack, schiit stack, smsl, etc etc.

just be wary, I can confirm this thing does push out a lot of power but warmer does not mean better in terms of competitive. It doesn’t interfere too much in the case of the 880 but it can push others like 990 into too much warmth and bass territory for competitive gaming

think of soundstage as how far can I place this sound away from my head. If you have a small or rather narrow soundstage it might sound extremely close by even if they are really far away. A good sized staging will even let you in some cases place a sniper shot from far out. Large soundstages really are only necessary in larger games like tarkov, battlefield, arma, etc. otherwise a relatively average stage is just fine and more than that is overkill as you have to take the games sound engine into account. In the cases of games like csgo they have heavy limitations on this as well… so even something as nuts as an hd800s is going to be extremely gimped and wont use anywhere near its level of soundstage capabilities as it just hits the wall of the sound engine limitations. You also have to take into account of air in your sound which can help with verticality if something is too aggressive it can interfere a bit with being able to better place sounds below or above you so a bit of air in the sound such as the sundara provides for example is a bit more ideal in this case and why something like the he400se is seen recommended or sundara from time to time as they are better for people who need heavy emphasis in terms of vertical sound placements

That’s why I said to ask around :stuck_out_tongue: I wasn’t sure. So thanks :slight_smile:

Never said it did. It never interfered with my CSGO or OW play but I do usually not run competitive games off my MT-602.

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