Best dac amp under 500$

Till now i have shortlisted topping dx7 pro, monolith thx, asgard 3 + modius

Headphones which i will use are argon mk3, focal clears and sundara

Other recommendations are also appreciated

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Any reason you’re limiting yourself to a dac/amp combo unit rather than separates?

No I am fine with seperates as well

JDS Labs Element II should be on the list.

It was but I don’t think it has enough power for argon mk3

Should be enough power

Lake People G103S is not bad as Amp.

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Topping E30/L30 combo has great bang for the buck.

With $500 budget, you could go for the modius/magnius or asgard 3/modius, topping e30/l30, if you can find it used the lake people g111 or rupert neve rnhp amp + maybe smsl su8 or modius.

Decided on asgard 3/ modius

The modius can‘t play Dsd.

There where be a option when play it with Audirvana later with a Topping E30 who is cheaper.