Best DAC to pair with STAX L300

So I decided to sell my D50s and THX 789. Going to sell my Elegia too. I’ve been too impressed by my L300 + SRM-1/Mk2 to justify keeping the aforementioned items. So, what are some good dac options to pair with my Stax setup? Options at any and all price points are welcome.

Preference wise, I like the detail and cleanliness of the D50s, but I could find it harsh at times. With the SRM-1 I’ve heard it can be a bit bass lite. So maybe a warmer dac might be good. I do value detail/micro-detail a lot though.

Well the stax L300 has a lot of treble and lacks some bass. so a warm amp is a good option. whats your budget? it you could do a schiit bifrost that would be ideal i think

A buddy of mine loved the L300 with my Airist R-2R. With that I would look to a Soekris DAC for a bit if just multibit fun. Apparently the Chord Mojo works as an excellent DAC for that setup for analytical listening.

The Schiit Bifrost 2 is always an easy recommend but for this setup you want something a touch colder and more slam. It’s the difference between enjoying your music and feeling your music deep in your chest with the L300.

FYI, you are in a territory where it kind of hard to go wrong so enjoy your Stax with whatever source!