Best DAP for Andromedas and Anole Vx

I just wanted to know what kind of DAP will bring the best out of my listed IEMs.

What price range are you going to be looking in? There are a decent amount of good options imo

Not a concern :)).

If you really wanted to maximize what they can do, a luxury and precision p6 is really sweet with both the andros and the anole (although it was from briefly using them with a friends pairs, used to own the anole but unfortunately I sold them before I had the p6 so I only have tried it on a brief demo), really great depth and staging, organic tone and timbre, lots of body and impact, generally just overall super impressive for a portable. And no noise with an andro. It does lean a bit warmer smoother but it’s still super technically capable. This being said the ui and interface is a bit clunky and takes getting used to, and there is also supposed to be a P6 Pro coming out in a month so perhaps it might be wiser to wait there (they offer a trade up program so when it comes out I will most likely trade up my p6)

A lotoo paw gold touch is pretty excellent when it comes to a neutral slightly warmer signature with very good control and performance while being enjoyable, also pretty much minimal hiss with an andro so pretty great. Also mature and functional ui, although not android based which might bother some. There is a LPGT Ti version on preorder, haven’t heard it yet (only heard the regular gold touch) but it’s a further beefed up version that looks pretty appealing tbh


P6 sounds pretty promising, seeing that it is the coveted r2r dac. I might get that or anything from the astell and kern lineup. Do you have any recommendations for an ak daps?

Personally the p6 has outperformed any of the astel and kern stuff I have tired so far for iems so my preference would lean toward the p6. If I had to pick the sp2000 copper was something I liked but really the p6 did pull ahead in the intangibles

Haven’t heard the Anole on the WM1Z but I have the Andros and they do very well on the 1Z