Best desktop speakers for under $1000?

I currently have the Vanatoo T1 Encores, but after a few months I’ve stopped feeling them as much and hope the sell them and move onto something different.

I would generally prefer self-powered, and would prefer not to need a subwoofer.

If anyone has any advice that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Vanatoo T1 have lots of inputs in the master speaker.
That kinda narrows the options if you need as many inputs and have used them with the gear you have. Or have a proper pair of self-powered speakers with more normal inputs and no master unit.

Usually powered speakers are sold by unit’s. So it that under 1000$ per unit (under 2000$ for both) or both together in under 1000$?

And what changes you might want or do not like about the current ones?

I’m not very worried about inputs. I would prefer that the speakers have Bluetooth, but other than that I can make anything else work.

Ah, my mistake. I mean for the pair to be under $1000.

The high end I think is good, though still has some room for improvement, but in particular the low end seems muddled, and seems like it lacks clarity.


Have you looked at the Prime Wireless speakers?

Also there are these:

  1. Klipsch The Sixes

  2. Audioengine HD6

  3. Edifier S3000 Pro

  4. Fluance Ai60

  5. Kali LP-6

  6. JBL 306P

Looking at Z’s video, they should have different DSP settings? If are have you tried changing between modes or resetting the speakers so there aint some funny mode on?
You could also try a different location / move one speaker little by little, listening & testing (or totally different room even) and find out will the bass change for the better. Might be room modes that do all it muddling and f’ups clarity.

If you have a decent mic and measurement software & test tracks + computer, those are good aid tool’s to see where the issues might be with the room & bass. Also playing the change location game and with more measuring might help to locate the issue spots if the speakers are not the actual issue after all.
Cheap test before changing speakers cause same type issue might rise up again.

Including the prime speakers mentioned before you have a particular recommendation? I know that Zeos heavily recommend the edifers, but I haven’t seen his videos on the other speakers.

Ya, that’s probably a good idea. I have a blue snowball my mic, do you that that’ll be good enough? What would you recommend for measurement software?

I made sure to use the settings Zeos recommended in his review.

There are many. Some cost and some do not but one that is free is REW - It’s one that the local hifi people like to use.
Think you should at least try with the current mic. Good links also included with more info.

The only one on that list I have heard are the JBL’s and they are amazing for the money. I heard the Edifier S3000 is pretty awesome as well.

wait for the Kanto Tuk…they’re supposedly amazing without a sub. watched a demo video from CES and they were asked where the sub was all the time. there was no sub.

The Monoprice Monolith K-Bas speaker set comes to mind for something that doesn’t need a subwoofer, but those are passive speakers.

Zeos has given glowing reviews to both the Edifier S2000 and S3000 (the latter does have Bluetooth 5.0), as well as the Swan M200mkIII and M300 (some variants of the M200 have Bluetooth 4.0, and the M300 has 4.0).

By the numbers, the Edifier S3000 and Swan M300 both go down to 38 Hz (2 Hz lower than the Vanatoo T1 Encore), but this should be minimal. They will have more power than the T1E with something around the 240W range.

Ooo, these will be something to look out for. Thanks for showing me!

Ya, I’ll probably grab the eidifier s3000pro if I make an upgrade in this range. But for the moment I’m probably going to relax and just fiddle a bit more with speaker position and so on. Thanks for the help none the less though.

Cool, I was going to suggest moving speakers away from the wall, adjusting for height, and killing room reflections when possible because the Vanatoo T1E should put out bass.

Just sharing this here too, because it could help someone.

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