Best Dolby Atmos Headphones


I’m doing research for the best possible way to watch Dolby Atmos content wearing headphones.
I did install the Dolby Atmos for Headphones on windows 10 and the result is not to bad, but i’m looking for better.

current: Kingston Hyper x Cloud (the first ones) on my asus prime z270-a motherboard with back in the day i bought it they said was decent audio output.

result: the audio doesn’t sound bad, but after doing some research i think the soundstage could be wider + the same for imaging.

Will open back headphones be good for Dolby Atmos content?

To fully take advantage of Dolby Atmos, a surround sound speaker setup is needed imo.

There are wide headphones with better imagining, so it depends on what type of sound signature you prefer, and if you would be getting a separate dac and amp. And a budget

I’m looking for a best neighbour friendly solution.
Most openbacks require separate dac and amp so i could buy these.

Just looking for opinions in how much sound would increase.

If you go higher up with headphones you will notice better, but software emulation will be kinda clunky compared to a real surround setup

Okay, guess i have to try some open back headphones in a store somehwere.
With movies (and especially in my review search) should i look for imaging > bass > soundstage? and also in which order.

I would say it more depends on the headphone what would prioritize

I was just playing assassin’s creed origins which is a Dolby Atmos title with my hd6xx and my FX Audio DAC-x6 last night and the Dolby Atmos for headphones turned on, I can honestly say I can’t really tell a huge difference, it does sound a little bit wider and has more of a 3d surround sound to it, but its not drastic. i’ve gotten the same felling from being in dedicated Atmos rooms at home theater stores, you do have sound above you but, its not that drastic compared to a big 7.1 system.

The 6xx really isn’t that great for soundstage and imaging imo, so I could see that

more of my point is that i’ve been in full blown $100,000 Atmos rooms and I personally don’t hear that huge of a difference between Atmos and 7.1. I have a pretty bad ass Klipsch 7.2 system, Other than an airplane or a bird not a lot of sound happens above your head.

Ah, sorry I misunderstood, yeah atmos is really made for theaters with lots and lots of speakers, so on some movies it really isn’t that huge of a difference

exactly Atmos works best with 28 speakers surrounding you completely. Also there is just not a ton of content available right now, so other than a few select movies on Ultra HD Blu-ray which obviously very few people still use their is noting. It’s a huge investment in expensive equipment for not a lot of gain in my opinion.

i thought almost every blu-ray coming out now is having Dolby Atmos sound?
Or do you mean they dont really use the overhead speakers in the mix?

Dolby Atmos is designed where it will (this is really simplifying it) take the amount of speakers you have and adjust the surround sound to those standards. Instead of putting sounds in channels, they map them in a virtual space where they would want them to be. This is great for theaters with like over 20 speakers, because the Atmos decoder determines where the sounds should play and sends them to a mix of speakers. You will still get great surround sound with Atmos, but Atmos really shines with a ton of physical speakers.

Going back on topic to the headphone question, with a better pair of headphones with better imagining and soundstage, you might find that the Dolby for headphones might sound more surround sound like

I don’t know about that, these seems to only be a handful of good Atmos movies that enthusiast seem to enjoy watching, mad Max, Godzilla king of monsters, and gravity is what I can think of off the top of my head.