Best Dongle DAC for Timeless?

So, I’m an over-ear headphone guy. However, my OG Timeless through a Mojo/Mojo 2 still blows me away. But damn, portable Mojos ain’t! I’ve just got an ifi Go Link for actual portability; playing wavs/flac off my phone. It took a little EQ in Foobar, but the Go Link is doing it’s job fine.

Whilst I know that I should not expect to get close to even a Mojo 1, what should I be looking at if I wanted to elevate my portable game? Earmen Eagle? L&P W2? I do not care for Bluetooth.

The original 7 Hz Timeless is my one and only IEM for music listening. I wish to know which dongle DACs are worth my money, which pair well with Timeless, and which have a particular focus on instrument separation and staging (my favourite aspect hifi music)?

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Hey - I don’t have Timeless so no idea if they are hard (relatively speaking) to drive or how they scale. AndyAudioVault website was a good resource for dongle reviews and his ranking list, but due to ongoing costs he’s only keeping his YouTube channel going now I believe. Still good for dongle reviews, but not his older written reviews unfortuately. YouTube channel is:

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Thanks for the steer!

using it with and Aune Yuki, Muse M4, BTR 5 all work well balanced