Best earbuds due to lag

I have never used any kind of earbud before now. Just listening thru speakers. Recently wanted to start using earbuds but am having audio issues but ONLY when listining to people’s lives on TikTok. Otherwise thru recorded TikTok or YouTube videos the ones I have tried to date are fine. I bought these as the latest ones and really like them.

The feel in my ear and sound is great. I do not like buds that are crammed into my ear canal. These are great as they hold on my ear and sit outside of the ear canal perfectly. However TikTok videos like the other less named brand I tried same deal. Listening to these lives without earbuds is fine, just with the earbuds is a problem.

This is on my iPhone 14 Pro with the latest OS. I have tried rerinstalling the application, tried clearing the cache, made sure my Wi-Fi was strong, only a foot from the phone. Any thoughts either what is going on or other earbuds like the one above I mentioned that would be less likely to have this issue?