Best energetic IEM under $500?

Hey guys, I am looking at purchasing a new pair of IEMs, I have been using the Shure se425 for 2 years but soundwise they are just too boring for me.

I am looking for a pair that ave nice soundstage but are also very musical and fun to listen to. A lot of music I listen to is energetic, like metal and EDM; but I listen to a wide variety of music.

Has anyone got any recommendations for some IEMs that just give an oomph to the music you listen to, a pair that just really wakes you up? Sound isolation is a bonus if you know the IEM has good isolation, as I walk travel regularly.

Thanks a bunch,

Might wanna check out some Fearless Audio reviews


Cheers, got any specific fearless model in mind, or do all have a similar signature?

S8 Freedom or S8 Pro. Freedom should be more musical, warmer, while the Pro is more analytical, precise. Have heard of good things about the S6 Rui as well.

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perfect, thank you very much

You could also give Fiio fh5 a chance. The greatest soundstage under 500$ and subbass that will literally rumble you ear drums, but only when there’s really bass, nothing bloated. Slightly forward mid range, which brings vocals a little forward and alive and finally crystal clear and non fatiguing highs. The overall sound is impressively clear and enjoyable, especialy if you take off the grills (vey easy, with a pin). The only one I know, who didn’t like them, was the “BadBoy”-from-Hawai reviewer, because he had some personal issues with Fiio PR persons at that time. No way you won’t enjoy them!


thanks a lot, I have been looking at the FH5 for a while, as well as the FH7 and FA7 from Fiio also. they will work well with the FiiO M9 DAP I’m looking at a well. I think I would prefer the Fearless Audio S8F as people are raving about them being the best chi-fi IEM out there. I wonder how they would compare to the FH7 though

I’d also trust the S8F and FH7, but have no idea, to be honest. For now I’m really satisfied with FH5, and believe it or not FH1 too. The small brother really ROCKS. It’s a kind of addictive sound they have. And I’m also thinking about buying Fiio M9, like you. It must be an excellent device. The only thing that still keeps me from buying it is LG V30, which I use for mobile listening, which with the Sabre ES9218 dac chip is literally unbeatable. Cheers!

Nice, I’m just looking for something exciting, the Shure se425 are brutally clinical and just sound dull compared to these new IEM manufactures like FiiO and Fearless Audio. I’ve been having to deal with an iPhone 7 and 3.5mm to lightning connector… pretty much anything is better at the moment!

end of story

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even compared to fearless audio s8f?

if ur in that price range il get the Fiio NEWEST FLAGSHIP
FIIO FH7(honestly an endgame iem IMO) quality over quantity my dude
those big ass 13.6mm Beryllium DD is so good for metal and EDM
metal and EDM is already good in my fh5.And fh7 do it way way better…


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Thanks, of course, they won’t be my only genres but they will be listened to daily. So you’re calling the FH7 endgame? A bold statement, I love it.

What makes you think they’re endgame? I reckon I’m going to wait until there are more reviews to make a good decision. I’ve heard people call the Fearless Audio s8f both as good as Andromedas and the best chi-fi set ever so a lot is resting on their shoulders. Do you own the FH7? Of course, they’d be a good pairing if I got a FiiO DAP, which I’m looking into now (stuck between FiiO M11, ifi xDSD, Pioneer XDR 300R, Monoprice Monolith THX AAA portable and Dragonfly RED)

If you own the FH7, do you have a review of them, or can link me to any reviews?


this guy review a lot of chifi.

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Yeah, I’m a fan of Bad guy good audio reviews. I’ll have to see and sit on it for a few months. I was looking into the Fearless Audio s8f because they’ve been top of his chi-fi list for at least 2 months now, 3 I believe. Whilst the FH7 haven’t.

Thank you ever so much for your help, you’ve been very informative.


i trust z reviews than this guy to be honest
he likes BGVP DM6 SO MUCH over FH5…i tried both BGVP SOUND HARSH LOL…

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PLLZZZ PLLZZZ PLLZZZ DON’T rely on BadBoy’s or Zeo’s opinions. Not only they have their own sonic tastes, like everyone else, but they also have their own brand preferences, either they admit it or not, for obvious reasons. Although I agree with J_J’s opinion, be sure about your own sonic preferences and make a nice market search, for example amazon or any other customer reviews. Because I’ve red that S8 are not the PERFECT IEM for some. Check this out:

The problem is that new stuff is comming super fast, nowadays, and all of us want continuously more and different…
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true, but it is hard for me to audition IEMs. The only place I really can is CanJam London. So, I use people like Zeos and BadGuy to give me a rough idea of what headphones to try out, then I go on from there.

I found Bad Guys review of the Fiio FH7 confusing after viewing his later Top 10 ChiFi video. It’s a pity as I do like his incite and obvious love of music.

In the Review vid it as great and Top 3. Later without any updates or posts to the original video it had become a mess and wouldn’t make the top 10 in later video.

I returned my FH7 and the Amazon return period was approaching as I had ordered both Tin Hifi P1 and BGVP DM7. Got the DM7s yesterday but like a few others the Right Hand bud was faulty. MMCX did not click into place. So my audition was a none starter. The right side was either silent or could be turned on and off by touching near the MMCX connector. So the DM7s will be returned.

Looks like it’s back to the FH7s and the P1 when it arrives as something different.


Dude, Ikko OH10 man, wait for Zeos review if you want, literally best sub bass ever…the highs while smooth are very energetic with Spiral dots, like super huge sound stage as well for an IEM. Be ready for when they return to Amazon or get them from penon. Just be aware of the weight of the copper as some may not be able to deal lol

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