Best Fun Cans under $400

The wife will buy me a set of cans for my birthday in 3 weeks, but they gotta be under 400. I’ve been considering something warm, but why not cold as well? Lol just figured I want some fun cans

I have the Massdrop starter pack (4XX, 6XX, 7XX) for reference, so anything that does something different than those would be cool.

PS: don’t think Argons would be shipped in time to fake open a present for the gram

if you want pure open back fun I would say fidelio x2’s

but since you have abunch of iopen backs maybe a nice closed back would be better like a B and O h6 super fun super tight bass

Order Argons and buy a pair of mono price retros (w/brainwaze xl) for the present opening and hold you over till the argons?


Besides Argons, you might wanna look at audioquest nighthawks, or nightowls.
The Nighthawks have there really own sound, thats super fun. I sold mine half a year ago, and I need a new pair of them. They made me appreciate Biocellular drivers so much.

Fidelio X2s are probably one of the best “fun” and most comfortable headphones period around.

Argons and Fostex TR-X00 Mahogany could be good options, too.

2nd on the Massdrop TH/TR-X00. Really v shaped if you go with purpleheart, more mild with mahogany, and ebony is the most tame. Awesome bass, pretty good detail, and lots of fun to listen to, although can be a bit fatiguing at times lol

To late but th x00 series

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Ended up getting the T60’s which I’m gonna send to Modhouse sometime in the nebulous future lol