Best gaming headset mic you've come across

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I’m looking for the best headset mic you’ve come across, I know the PC38X and Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless mics are solid, but looking for more suggestions. Doesn’t matter if wired or wireless. Budget around $200.

p.s. I’ve been thinking of maybe getting a modmic wireless for my existing headphones and calling it a day, but those seem to be on the expensive side shipped here, want to make sure that there aren’t other alternatives before committing.


I was actually just going to suggest ModMic since they have both variants, wired or wireless, available and you can put them on any headset. I got a wired one soon after they started selling them and had been happy with it for years, until I upgraded to a (higher quality) studio mic with a boom arm to use instead.

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A lapel or lavalier microphone is $4 on Aliexpress and clips on your shirt or necklace. A light extension cable is $2-$3 and goes to the sound card mic input. I do that for games when a mic is needed and it works great. If your video card has noise suppression it’s even better so just your voice is picked up. The design is used by literally everyone on TV (albeit with more expensive mics) and then the world is your oyster for picking out headphones.