Best gaming/music headphones for around $200?

Hello! I have been searching for the perfect pair of headphones for me for about a week and I am still struggling to find a good option. My top choices have been the Meze 99 Neos, The Meze 99 Noirs, some mod off of the T50RP MK3s, and the Beyerdynamic Custom Studios. I have heard that the 99 Neos have too much bass. The 99 Noirs and the T50RPs both would have too long of a ship time (I need to get them within the next week). The Custom Studios were my top pick because if I didn’t like their unique sound I could return them, but then I saw that they went out of stock on amazon and the ebay shop that they are on right now for $200 does not offer returns. Are there any better options around this price point? I need them to be closed back with good imaging for gaming. I do not want too much of a sound stage. This is because when gaming I want to be able to pinpoint things like footsteps/gunshots and when the soundstage is too wide that makes the distance unpredictable. I would also want either a flat or a warm sounding headphone because my ears are sensitive to sibilant and bright headphones (this is why I am upgrading from my M50Xs). Thanks for the help!

Zeos likes the HD58x and 6xx for gaming, and they respond well to an EQ like the Schiit Loki to tweak the bass.

Okay. If I were to go with the HD 58xs I would have around $40-50 left so what would be the best mod/upgrade from there?

save the $50 until you have $100 and buy a DAC/Amp like the Schiit Fulla 2. or save up a bit more for a proper stack and get the Schiit Magni 3, Modi 3 and Loki EQ. :wink:

Have to say i like the Philips SHP9500 more in gaming than HD6XX or Philips Fidelio X2. Music in mind the HD6XX is a go. Comfort is good in everyone but in overall SHP9500 is my go to with games and HD6XX for music.

Is a $80 headphone really better for gaming and music than all $200 headphones?

not usually. sometimes a headphone will punch above it’s weight or excel at a particular thing that others don’t. take the Senn HD6xx, they have a wider sound stage than the HD660s, which is something you want in gaming. it gives you better feel of what’s going on in your environment. you also want good imaging…imaging actually would be more important than sound stage as it gives you the feeling of where things are. like when people are moving around you or where gunfire or other sounds are coming from. it’s a bad analogy, but think of imaging as surround sound.

you should really watch the two reviews by Zeos:


then you can decide which is better. don’t buy just because the HD58x are a lower price. you could regret it later on (at least for gaming anyhow).

Okay, thanks. I have also been looking at the DT-880s. Do you have any opinions on those?

I know nothing about Beyerdynamic, so can’t advise there. I read recommendations for their 990’s everywhere though, but no clue if they would work well for gaming.

Is closed back a requirement? I only ask because the 58x and 660s are open back.

that’s true…they are open back. but that is usually needed if you want sound stage, which is important for both gaming and music. more expensive closed backs can do it…but moar expensive.

I would prefer close back but I will be trying a pair of open backs in person when I get home on sunday so if the background noise isn;t too intrusive I may be fine with open backs.

I just ordered the HD58x for myself. just watched Zeos rant about the 350% premium he paid so his show 660S on his. LoL!

Haha I just saw you post on the $3000 headphone haul that you are preparing to buy too - I only have my M50Xs that I found for $30!

I haven’t been searching for them…but eventually I suspect I will research closed back phones that have a wide sound stage. but they’re so claustrophobic sounding in comparison to open back I have no desire for anything closed!

If you really want the Custom Studios you can order at Guitar Center with coupon code and it will come to around $212. They have a customer satisfaction policy where you can return it at the store, just sayin.

TLDR - The 58X sounds about what will work for you

The sound stage isn’t huge, it has the treble and speed to hear footsteps and fire really well, its imaging awesome, so yes and you’ll hear everything.

My biggest issue with them is the stock cable. There are connectors to both ears, and its is extremely short from the splitter and its extremely annoying as it rubs my chin. Its not as convenient as a pair with single cable connection.

Though for closed back, a very good cheap option is the MH-751 (7.1 dongle is garbage and is the only difference with the 752). Don’t let the low price fool you, it sounds awesome.

Though I just got a pair SHP9500 and I haven’t given it much of a chance, I prefer the 58X. My gaming set of choice are the X2’s, which has a huge soundstage, bass heavy and pretty much opposite of what you want, but its so much fun.

I’m just going to throw this out there (after seeing this on reddit). There is a song: NF - Real, at around 59 seconds a grenade pin drops. The 58X and MH-751 you hear it hit the floor and bounce a few times quite distinctively. The X2, it sounds like a bell chime, crappy head phones you don’t even hear it.

Thank you for all the help! And just to clarify should I purchase the 6XX over the 58X or vice versa?

i would say 58x as they don’t need a pricey amp to run

I got my Custom studios for 149 :stuck_out_tongue:

6XX will need an amp, but you can get away without having an amp for the 58x. I haven’t tried out the 6XX but I love my 58x especially after I modded the driver.