Best Headphone Amp under $250

I’m looking for a cheap amp for my setup. I mostly use earbuds and IEMs with a Mojo2 but I got some 300+ Ohm earbuds and need a bit more power. I’d like something that won’t hold back the Mojo 2 too much. I live in Europe so my selection is a bit strange, here’s what I have to choose from:

  • ifi Audio ZEN Can V3
  • EarMen ST-Amp
  • JDS Labs ATOM AMP 2
  • Soncoz QXA1

Might be worth checking out VE’s Megatron which was designed to drive demanding buds…


Interesting, I’ll take a look

Yea, I would also look at the Megatron like @Ohmboy suggested but in the list you have, my pick would be

Organic sound:

Zen Can V3

Linear response:

Atom amp 2

Sort of an all rounder :

Soncoz QXA1

Are you considering using Mojo as a DAC source?

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Yeah, I figured that since I already have a great DAC I might as well take advantage of it.

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If you can get a Topping L30 II it’s the most quiet amplifier ever measured on the ASR 50mv test. I’ve got one and with a Topping E50 DAC and 10ohm IEMs it’s just amazing.

Oh yes! Mojo 2 is a fantastic DAC but it doesn’t have LO like the predecessor.

On a separate note : If you have high impedance ear buds and like warm, musical and tubey sound, WooAudio Tube Mini is brilliant too. I’m using Desolation Sound with Tube Mini and I’m a happy camper :smile:

I have heard amazing things about EarMen ST-Amp, and despite not needing a desktop amp, I have considered it.