BEST headphone for films

IMPORTANT, what do I look for and value?

  • -Deep bass.
  • -High detail in all frequencies, what we call “clean sound”.
  • -High precision at the image level.
  • -Sound airy and not congested.
  • MONOLITH m1060
  • SENNHEISER hd560s
  • SIVGA phoenix
  • BEYERDINAMIC dt-1990 pro
  • HIFIMAN sundara

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Thanks a lot.

Not all that precise imaging, but K-712 Pro

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Consider BT Tygr 300R also.
I have a personal position that a lot of the bottom-end extension and flat bass response that planar have becomes very advantageous for SFX/movies than it is even for music.
Something like Zeus has lots of bass output but has some rather significant roll-off like many dynamic drivers will have. Focal open-back dynamics stay pretty flat, but I get worried about playing so much LFE in the candidate that is remotely obtainable in this range (Elex), because of too many horror stories.

Comfort should be a consideration given longer unbroken session times compared to music. I’m sure someone would be happy with Sundara in this case. I’m not sure it is as good at imaging as something like BT.

I know there are plenty of takes on 1990-Pro from gamer community.

What is source - is also a question worth asking.


Do you think a dt1990 pro is technically better than Sundara 2020?

fat no in my opinion. DT 1990 just has a shit load of treble. Driver capabilities are about equal. DT 1990 staging feels like a tiny round stage inside/in front of your head. For how I perceive things, it’s the least immersive on your list (though I haven’t heard the Phoenix). I have the TYGR and HD560s and use neither of them for movies–for some reason, brighter / more neutral sigs highlight the artificial aspects of movie audio to me. I can’t recommend something I haven’t tried, but from this list the Phoenix would sound like the best bet to me

I use 990 or 880 600 Ohm for movie watching. I did enjoy movies with GL2000, but that can needed crossfeed half the time.

So from that list phenix and the Sundara can be good all rounders.
The dt1990 is a love it or hate it kind of guy. I think its detail goes beyond having treble from what I read.

Can you let us know why these particular cans? Also what is your budget and source gear?

The Phoenix has roaring bass, but be aware that it is pretty much an on-ear headphone. It depends on the size of your ears, but it has pretty strong clamp force and can get fatiguing after long listening sessions (physical fatigue).

I doubt that the other options can roar as hard as the Phoenix… you win some, you lose some.

In principle by aspects of areas and areas.
I put the sundara and the dt1990 pro knowing that they would be very interesting options.
As I said my priority is to have a detailed sound, with good imaging and deep bass as I think it generally gives a very good touch to the songs.
I have also seen that the elegia focal can be a great option.