Best headphone for Music and Gaming

-Under $800

-I mostly listen to Pop, Rap.

-I mainly play fps so soundstage and imaging is important.

-Comfortable preferably under 450g.

-Something I can drive with cheap or no amp

-I like listening to vocals that are realistic.

-Not sure about anything else, I’ve only lived with AirPods.

How sensitive do you feel about high frequencies? If you care comfortable to drop under $800 you can definitely get a pretty beefy amp and drive almost anything you want from r even like $100 off your budget. Is portability Important? Do you want a open back or closed?

First get Schiit Asgard3 + Schiit Modius then check:

  • Beyerdynamics Tygr 300 R
  • Dt 880 Pro 600 ohms
  • Dt 1990 Pro

Those plus amp and dac are less than 800$

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If high frequency means treble I Don’t know how sensitive I am maybe somewhere in the middle, but if it is needed for gaming I can live with it. Haven’t given too much thought into the amp I guess headphones are priority rn. Portability is not important, for home use only. Either

Thank youuuuuu

while I like tat combo for most cases its abit overkill but is f\definitely a good pairing for 600 ohm beyers. the tygrs dont require much power and I think would be a good match for both your needs and music tastes definitely a better match than the 880 in regards to your music tastes

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Ye mainly for the beyers to warm and open them up a bit, with my magni3+ it feels congested and there is room for 1990 to scale.

problem with tygrs they are hard to find in stock.

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They are easy to find it’s hard to find them without the bundle

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Competitive and vocals together with pop and rap in your price range with superior comfort? DT 880($200 maximum) or T1 gen 2($300 - $600). Pair to a Asgard 3($150-$200) + modius($200) or topping E30($130). Can use a more budget friendly amp dac such as liquid spark ($100 can be found less) + Topping D10(has the new S variant too but both are also $100). 880 sounds best at 600 ohms. both require an amp. This would be your best bet.

Most realistic vocals other than the beyers? Probably looking at Sennheisers. Look into HD 598 or HD 599(both can be found around $100) as they can get an attachable microphone at 2.5mm connections. Otherwise look into the 58x jubilee($150 maximum) as it can be balanced if you pick up a balanced amp such as one of the ifi zens.

Decent for competitive. though good all rounder. Issue is getting ahold of this. I will second this but keep in mind its definitely not the most ideal for a competitive gamer at all due to the lack of treble plus the mids are slightly recessed which may be less ideal for someone looking for great vocality.

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