Best Headphone upgrade from HD700's

Hello, I would like to upgrade my headphones to something better I currently got hd700’s but I’ve been looking for an upgrade currently looking at hd800’s idk if they would be a good upgrade can someone suggest some good upgrade my dac and amp is the schiit jotunhiem with the multi bit dac add-on

I would listen to the HD800 first, some love them but others don’t and even some of its biggest fans say they need EQ to sing.

What is better? It all depends on what you find comfortable and the sort of sound you like. Maybe if you give some details on what type of sound you like people could offer advice. However one bit of general advice is not to think that better = more expensive.

Sorry if I sound like an idiot but I dont really know how to describe what I like. I like a clear sound, I like bass and I like turning it up loud hearing the vocals perfectly however still retaining base.

So I think there some other good options besides the HD800s for that high of a budget.
Have you looked at ZMF headphones? They have really good bass and vocals. The Auteur and the Aoelus are really good.

Hello, as owner and user of an HD800S I can say a lot of positive things.

The problem is that you certainly need an adequate headphone amplifier.

Now I unfortunately do not know what kind of music you listen to, what HiFi devices you have, how you use your headphones (mobile / stationary), how often you listen to music, what your demands are on comfort, etc.

It depends on whether it is either the rather expensive Sennheiser HD800S must be, or it can be another model of the manufacturer.

Or maybe a completely different manufacturer comes into question.

Help us a little with more details, then we may be able to help you answer your questions.

I’d recommend the Hifiman Arya. Its a crazy good headphone and rated the best right now. I think it will fit within what your used to sound wise. it has treble and soundstage like the HD700 maybe not as much. and huge planar drivers! nice and detailed. good bass

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@Antpage2 That’s the one I’ve been looking at lately. Do you think it’s a noticeable jump from Aeolus or more of a sidegrade?

Well i havne’t heard it. just been researching it. I had the Ananda. from what i hear i think it will be a good upgrade from Aeolus. its big driver sound is awesome, its a planar, which i think are better than dynamic. and it has depth and detail in sound. the Aeolus isnt that hard to beat imo. but the Arya is at the 1600 price range. still i dont think anything can compare with it at that range. maybe Mon can weigh in here

Do you think the schiit jotunhiem will be a good enough amp for the hd800s

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the hifiman Arya and audeze lcd-x, its just there are no good deals out there on the Arya’s can’t even find them in UK lol

Another possible option?..


I see. Well if you pull the plug I’d be happy to see your thoughts lol I saw that @Andrew_Davis just bought it so I’ll wait on his and other people’s impressions but it’s looking like a quality set of cans to aim for. Maybe a Christmas present of sorts for myself this year…

Yes this is a very good set, competes with much higher end stuff.
ZMF are well known with bass and vocal detail. The Auteur is a little wider and relaxed, more warmth, while the Aoelus is a little closer and more intense and detailed.

That might definitely trump the Arya lol. I heard its amazing. but its 1900$ and currently not available. not sure when that will happen

Wish it didn’t have a dumb name though. Heddphone? Really.

Yes sure, that fits together quite well, especially since the 800’s come with a four-pin symmetrical cable.
The 800 is of course a significant upgrade over the 700.
I mainly use it to listen to classical music, jazz, blues and folk.
The spatial hearing and the detailed resolution of voices and instruments is still state of the art in this price range.

But the ZMF headphones already mentioned are also very good in this price range.
I can also highly recommend Focal Clear.

I haven’t had the best experience with Hifiman headphones, with one of these models a driver broke, another had problems with a broken headband.
It may have gotten better, but I’m still skeptical because of some reviews in the net.

yeah lmao, just spent like 5 minutes finding it

Unfortunately, no retailer has this part to listen to a sample.

The recessions all read / look very positively, but I don’t want to make a judgment until I have worn and heard it myself.
It doesn’t look very comfortable, but that can be wrong.

Focal Clear is another good option. Probably brighter than the ZMF.

Have you heard the Arya?