Best headphones amp to run 250ohm at a reasonable price?

Which headphones amps do you recommend to run headphones that are 250 ohm ?
I heard fijo? any suggestions guys?
Thank you.

Give the IFI Zen DAC/AMP a try if you can afford it for I have heard good things about it. Also, for the portable amp version I am using the Topping NX3s for my DT 880 Pro 250Ohm version and it is working for me so far, pretty good for the price.

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Topping L30 is coming if you can wait.

If not, JDS Labs Atom or iFi Zen Dac.

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How about the Schiit Asgard 3? Where are you located?

I am in Italy brother, i just checked it out, amazing. How can i get it delivered here and since i have the komplete audio 6, does it connect there ?

I don’t think you can get Schiit gear in Europe. That is why I asked. Schiit, Drop and even Monoprice are hard, if not impossible to get in Europe.

Maybe look at Lake People?

maybe thats too expensive… maybe something more affordable to start with?

I have no idea what’s available in Europe. All I can recommend is trying your Amazon. Maybe something Topping or SMSL?

I think better to say what are your headphones first

  • JDS Labs can ship to italy: Atom Dac+Atom Amp+shipping to italy = 210 euros (make sure to choose euro plug) CLICK HERE
  • Fiio K5 Pro in amazon italy for 179 euros CLICK HERE
  • Topping A30+D30= 180 euros from (they ship to italy)
  • ifi Zen Dac from ebay new ships from UK to you= 160 euros CLICK HERE

Those are cheaper than asgard3… but which is better will depend on your headphones and the more experienced members will guide you better.

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Schiit has an EU web site where you can order from, so there is no problem getting their products. There has been a baglog due to Covid 19, but you can order here:

I have ordered from both Drop and Monoprice also to Europe, so you have those options as well.

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JDS Labs Atom: 1W per channel for 100$.
Schiit Heresy: 2W per channel for 100$.
Fiio K5 Pro DAC and Amp: 1.5W for 150$.
Schiit Asgard 3: 3.5W Class AB for 200$.

If you need a passive speaker amp too, there’s the Emotiva BasX A100 for 230$ (speaker amp and overkill headphone amp). Open it, change a jumper and you get [email protected]. Yes, into headphones. Webpage says “USE WITH CAUTION”.

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Note that Emotiva BasX A100 has relatively high noise.

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Everything is out of stock, and before Covid 80 percent as well, around Christmas I tried to get amps and Dacs and no luck

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I hope not it ends like Drop, who cancelled their EU site + storage. I don’t know if Schiit has a storage in EU, but you are right about them having few products available.

But there should be a decent group of customers here, to keep the EU site open. We just need products…

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