Best headphones around $100 range no amp

Want to get some high quality headphones but don’t know which one to get because there is too many. I play on ps4 and would prefer if there was a mic included but the inline mic adaptors are fine to use. Thank you for the help.

Koss KPH30i come to mind. My bother uses them over some more expensive audio technica.

I have a set too, they sound much better than the $30 would suggest, and they have a mic.

Grado sr80e good starter headphone if you can deal with treble… they can be eq’d to bring some brightness down.

I also have them, love them too, they add some fun to the music, but again with no amp you might want to eq. Should be fine from a console. No mic

ThieAudio Legacy 3 I found fantastic on my series x. But they are IEM and can be found for $119 on Amazon… again no mic but are great for video games I found.

Check out the Drop PC37X and Cooler Master MH751.

Is there a good bass, closed back in the same price range? My brother got corsair 70s I believe haven’t tried them but he likes them.

Creative Aurvana Live! is a budget closed back with great bass

prefers a headset… wants bass… $100 range…

^ hard skip those, they are not bassy they are on the brighter side and 37x is kinda meh for music.

can get the kph30iK variant that has a mic on the cable so this is neat. the rest… eh not so much for bass

highly recommend a pad swap atleast to just hyperx alpha pads for this one… pads out the box are kinda uncomfortable and the cheapo hyperx really benefits here without murder to the sound can also use brainwavz if you prefer

If your wanting a gaming headset with bass… grab the MH630, 650, or 670. I forget if the 630 has the equalizer you’d have to check… but these are the more fun versions of the MH751 with quite nice comfort for a gaming headset and tend to be below $100. The other is Hyperx Cloud II or Alpha of which both are alright for bass. Lastly, you may be able to swing one if you dig around… but beyerdynamics custom game or custom one pro plus are decent enough with quite a bit of bass… they have a mic on the cable but you can get their upgraded mic later that just plugs in like a regular headset.

Hyperx Flight may be another option if your really a bass lover… hard recommend on the pad swap if you like this one, you’d have to find it on sale or used but I have seen them at $100 it’s a wireles gaming headset with a W shaped signature

not going to be a great many headphones in this case… I think the only other that comes to mind is if you can find one for cheap… probably the best option would be a Phillip Fidelio X2HR(but this is open back) you can buy this alongside a V-moda Boom Pro microphone and convert it into a headset… though I worry if the ps4 can even run it… the ps4’s sound card is dreadfully bad so it really can’t run most headphones whatsoever hell it can’t even run sennheisers GSP500 gaming headset without struggling

Some more research the beyerdynamic customs seem to be the best option in my price range which one is best out of them? ps4 and don’t want to get a dac or amp to run the studios but whatabout the game and one plus pro?

no such thing as best as that is purely subjective…

Trying to remember if custom one pro plus works on ps4, I’m not at home so I can’t really do this research. I believe the custom headset gear attachment does work but I am not sure about the inline mic of the custom one. You would want one pro plus if you went with that one not the original one pro as thats the previous version without the mic. As for custom game it’s just a bit more V signatured while one pro plus is warmer and a bit darker. I do believe custom one pro plus had the better bass but both can be very bassy especially if you pad swap them to a better pair of pads as out of the box the pads aren’t the greatest on those units. It’s been quite some time since I sat with those two units

Porta-Pros have always been my inexpensive go to. Warm sound and comfortable.

why no akg k371 recomendation? I thought they’re supposed to be benchmarks for this price range.

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because there is no microphone involved there? Granted I believe you can use the akg adapter on that, it would bring cost above his budget. also 371 is usually $150 which again is over budget

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Does the k371 rest on the ears? I have a big head.

Where is a good place to try a lot of headphones. Usa

Best buy, target, any audio stores like sweetwater and others. Can also use return policies online

Sivga 005 is a bass-rich 16ohm style-can that is $89.99 with built-in wired mic and the easy capacity to add-on a BoomPro easily. A can that could easily accept the mic later would be smart. SHP9500 were the cheap default, but you can’t say they’re bassy.

I also think you should throw on a set of KPH30i with the mic as well.

Are there any other considerations here, closed vs open?

Prefer closed because more isolation and have noisy house.