Best Headphones for TV/Movies

Looking for a pair of headphones for watching movies and tv shows. I mostly watch from my PC so if you got setup suggestions, DACs/Amps let me know.

You need something with preferably decent soundstage, good imaging and most importantly strong on vocals (partially due to the problem 7.1 downmixes to stereo can muddy the vocal tracks)
1990 pros are what I think of off hand atm

Budget on whole setup and do you prefer open or closed back?

Also does your TV have an optical out to connect to a dac? And the whole budget thing too

Budget around 250 to 300 for a whole set up but if you suggest something thats better for a little more than that I’ll take it into consideration.

I watch everything on a PC, budget is around 250 to 300 but Im open to anything thats better for a little more.

Honestly the hd58x is going to be really good for that. Very enjoyable experience. You could pair it with a fiio k5 pro and be pretty much set for a long time imo

Do you recommend the K5 Pro over a Schiit Stack?

Yes, as I like the k5 pro amp better then the schiit magni imo. If you wanted to go the stack route, the jds labs atom or monolith liquid spark and a topping d10 or smsl m100 are great combos

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agree with everything MOn reccoemended other headphone options to consider are he 4xx, dt 770, 880, 990. Maybe not the 880 or 990 they can be a little unforgiving so youtube content might not sound great not the fault of the headphone but the content creators. I kiunda hesitate to put the here but definitely worth the mention the AKG k7xx are worth looking at too

The 4xx is nice if you want more clarity and quick and clean sound over the warmer 58x. Both are great choices.

The 7xx is good but may be a little wide and distant sounding for some

If Budget wasn’t an issue, what would be an ideal setup? Lets say I have the 58x, what would be the DAC/Amp combo I should get?

I mean still the k5 pro or a stack with a jds labs atom or monolith liquid spark and the topping d10 or the smsl m100. I think you would want to prioritze your main budget on a higher headphone if you wanted to higher, as these amp/dac stacks or combo in the k5 pro’s case are very very solid options. The headphones are going to make the bigger difference