Best Headphones under 2000$

Listening - Rock, Jazz, Classical(Mozart), Classical(Modern), Pop old and new

Source - RME ADI 2, Geshill Stack, Getting - IFI Stack, RNHP amp/dac, THX789

Has to comfortable, for long listening sections.

Opened or Closed, STAX,

Can have used stuff too

What type of signature are you looking for? Also what headphones do you currently own

I like a more natural sounding headphone nothing to harsh got sensitive ears. I currently own Sundara, Elex, Aeolus.

By ifi stack do you mean the pro ican and pro idsd?

yes sir still haven’t bought yet probably buying it towards the end of the month

Hmmmm. What headphone do you currently enjoy the most, and what do you like about it and what would you change

I would go LCD4 or Meze Emp… I find both of them comfortable but that will vary from person. Look in used classifieds for a good deal.

“Has to comfortable, for long listening sections” …LCD4 is too heavy for the above imho.

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Personally while the meze is nice, it’s not my top pick for this case imo. It tends to somewhat not preform the best with classical for it’s price tier. If course it’s still good, but imo I don’t think it’s the best choice here. Kinda thinking the same thing with the lcd4

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My favorite are Aeolus i think is detailed and I like the mids too. I also like it because it’s very smooth.

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Have you considered grabbing a ZMF Auteur or something like that? I think that might be a logical upgrade (but I haven’t heard it, just something to look into)

Thé auteur might be to heavy without the magnesium chassis

It should be relatively close enough tbh, I don’t know if it would be that noticeable

I will try the auteurs any other recommendations