Best IEM alternatives up to 200$?

I’m looking to buy a new pair of iems, but I’m having some issues becase of the sheer amount of options, videos, and reviews. I feel there is a lot of contradicting opinions on each specific iem(everything is subjective I guess), so I’m going in loops. Would appreciate if you guys would voice your insights, based upon the following:

My preferences for music are k-pop, j-pop and I highly prefer female vocals. I’m not a bass head, nor really care much about it. And I would also prefer it being easy listening to voices.(Audiobooks and the like)
I also like sleeping to videos/music, so having the iem not piercing through my head would be much appreciated.

Here are the four iems I am considering the most, and I would want feedback on these the most, such as comparisons between them, and what might be the best for my use case:

  • Ikko OH1
  • Ikko OH10
  • Moondrop Starfield (Not buying the Kxxs)
  • Thieaudio Legacy 3

These are the ones I’ve read about, but decided to cut them from the list(might add them back, if I find them to be good for my use case):

  • Shuoer Tape
  • Tin P1
  • Thieaudio Voyager 3
  • Tin HiFi T4(These might be good for my use case, insight would be appreciated)

I’m already buying these two as they are inexpensive and come up every thread I read:

  • Blon BL 03
  • Tin T2

The blon 03 will be closer to the OH1/10 and/or FH3. I think it will be a redundant listen and I would suggest getting the Starfield due to ease of listening and how it presents vocals, particularly for k/J pop. I think you will basically have all your bases covered when you have the 03 and T2, along with the Starfield.

Edit: FH3 is the best of the “fun” group you have there, above OH10 and blon etc. Starfield is its own thing to me. For a upgrade to the T2 would prob. be the Ex800st or some other monitor type IEM. It wont be cheap so I think your initial plan is a good one if you get the Starfield and then upgrade the 03 and T2 as needed/to taste.

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My rec would be the P1’s great for detail and female vocals, the bass is there but it’s not bloated but fast with a quick decay.
They have a small form factor so are easy to wear in bed/sleep with.
The two possible down sides are getting a good fit/seal and they really need an amp to sound their best.

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