Best IEM for prog/symphonic metal / goth rock

What’s the general consensus about the best IEM - cost no object - for prog/symphonic metal and goth rock? Things like Evanescence, Nightwish, etc
…and that can possibly sound good also on classic rock like PF, Dire Straits, etc
I have a MEST MKII and find them really very good but wondering if there’s anything better for those specific genres. For the records, I also have the TA Oracle and find them lacking in the sub-bass and bass (lack in quantity, good on texture) and slighlty too much energetic in the lower treble (I’m quite sensitive in the 3kHz-5KHz).
I’m currently looking at QDC V14 and Xenns UP, anything else?

DQ6 is amazing - a huge soundstage,fast transitions, are specially developed for pdog metal, great immersion in the sound, a lot of balance,amazing technical parameters. It’s almost the same experience as MK2! If you have it, you will forget to listen to your other IEMs !!! You can buy them at a discount on 11.11. Enjoy the music! :sunglasses:

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