Best IEMs $100 (2022)

Hi guys,

After finishing my $100 comparison between the Olina, Starfields, and ER2XR/SE, I thought why not make a thread where more people can give their input with other IEMs around this range that wasn’t mentioned? I figured a thread would be helpful where we can discuss the current best sets around $100 since I don’t own sets like the Titan S etc.

Please feel free to share your experiences with other IEMs around this price point! - Jay


Current pick at $100 is the Olina with the double filter mod (additional Olina filter on top of pre-existing one +stock tips). Full comparison between the Olina, Starfields, and ER2SE/XR here: 🔶 Tripowin X HBB Olina - #1524 by VIVIDICI_111
Current ranking list here: JAY's IEM Ranking List - Google Sheets

@nymz in-depth review and comparison of the Olina with other IEMs here: The Tea Party - nymz's opinions and experiences sharing/discussion - #1941 by nymz

Helpful price-to-performance graphs made by @amanieux here: jay's visual price perf ratios - Google Sheets

Feel free to link any reviews or videos below as well :slightly_smiling_face:


How does the additional filter on the Olina change its sound signature vs stock?

Upper mids/Lower treble gets tamed and bass shines up more. It gets more balanced and stage opens up.

Great mod! :slight_smile:


Any chance to graph the Tanya mod yet?

Also interesting that the stage opened up for you.i felt things became more intimate. I like the Tanya mod as a good balance between the two

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Paul graphed all the mods possible:


After messing with EQ a bunch I just tried this.


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Glad you like it :dancer: